The Little Bebetos

The greatest thing about soccer in America is the team names. I love the singularity of the┬ánames and branding of the original Major League Soccer teams. As one travels down the soccer pyramid, the names get even better. My personal favorite was my brother’s U-8 team, The Little Bebetos. It was explained to the kids […]

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The EPL Sorting Hat

My parents never allowed me and my brother to have gaming systems, but they were early adopters of personal computers. Why there was a distinction between playing a video game on a Sega and playing a video game on a PC, I’ll never know. Naturally, when my brother and I got FIFA ’98, we spent […]

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The Terrible Fitba Club

When I turned 12, something wonderful happened: for the first time in my short soccer career, I had a coach that wasn’t some poor dad that was suckered into providing after school care for a bunch of pre-people. He also happened to know the game well and, looking back on it now, wanted to mould […]

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Fathers and Sons

One of the main reasons I decided to start writing here was to put down some of the thoughts I had about being a father and soccer fan. Becoming a dad has been the most overwhelming experience of my life. I cried a lot. It was so overwhelming I didn’t watch a full 90 minute […]

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