The Terrible Fitba Club

When I turned 12, something wonderful happened: for the first time in my short soccer career, I had a coach that wasn’t some poor dad that was suckered into providing after school care for a bunch of pre-people. He also happened to know the game well and, looking back on it now, wanted to mould me and my peers into fine young men of character.

Coming from Manchester, he naturally was a City fan. I watched the ’99 Champion’s League final at his house, where he said, “It would be so typical of United to score right now.” He was the one that introduced me Championship Manager (more on that in another post). He also let me borrow the CD The Best Footie Anthems in the World… Ever!, which featured gems such as “Fog on the Tyne” and “Belfast Boy.” However, after all these years, the tune that stuck with me and the one I sing to my little boy – who has just started kicking balls today – is “Football Crazy” by Robin Hall and Jimmy MacGregor. Enjoy!


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