Fight Or Dance

One day while discussing with my coworkers how we view sports, one colleague narrowed the discussion down to one succinct catechism: is sport a fight or a dance? Ends or Means? Victory or Beauty? Another colleague, who is one of the top fencers in America for his age group, refused to say Fight when I put the question […]

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Hopeless Football Romantic #5

Hopeless Football Romantic has been putting out their quality independent soccer magazine for over a year now, and they just released their fifth issue. It’s a pretty fantastic read from cover to cover, a perfect way to to fill the void now that the Copa America has finished and the pace of games from Euro 2016 […]

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The Baxter

You know him when you see him. He’s in every romantic comedy: the baxter. He is the nice but terribly dull guy who is dumped at the end of the story for the passionate protagonist. Think of Walter in Sleepless in Seattle, whose greatest flaw is that he is steady and dependable; this is somehow damning enough […]

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Confirming the Stereotype

The numbers confirm what you already know: Americans are optimistic and believe the future is determined by one’s actions, not present situation. In the case of football in America, let’s hope that is true. After decades of fantastic growth, the US Men’s National Team has plateaued. After a successful start as 2013 Gold Cup champions and qualification […]

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Joining the Penalty Mag Team

Despite coming down with a case of full-blown adulthood (two kids, mortgage, buying white vinegar in the largest unit available, etc…), I’m still here. Not only am I still here, but I’ve also joined up with the UK-based soccer site Penalty Mag. They do some great stuff, and I’m particularly enjoying The Leicester Diaries as […]

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Get on the Scene

When I think of how my sons’ experiences as soccer fans – assuming, of course, they will be fans of soccer and maybe even of the same teams – will differ from mine, one of the biggest aspects will be in how they watch matches. The great soccer writer Eduardo Galeano described himself as a […]

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